The 5 Best Grease Guns For Ball Joints, Home Use, Tractors

If you’re looking to apply grease properly, then you’ll undoubtedly need to consider investing in a good quality grease gun. If you’re working in a garage, then you’ll undoubtedly have to get your hands on a grease gun – but how can you decide on which the best one is for your needs? Well, fortunately I’ve been in the auto field for a long time, so I know a little bit about what it takes to make a good grease gun.

So, let’s take a look at what my favorite options currently are, as well as talking a little about what you need to loom for if you’re getting yourself a new grease gun.

Best Grease Gun

Workforce Mini Grease Gun

Workforce Mini Grease Gun, for 3 oz. Cartridges, 12 in. Flexible Extension, 4 in. Rigid Extension - L1305
  • Extremely durable - HEAVY-DUTY die-cast head construction for longer service life. The high pressure super grip 4-jaw coupler allows for superior grip and will withstand long term use
  • Consistent priming - features a durable follower, rod and spring for consistent priming
  • Easy access - comes with a flexible 12 in. Extension and a rigid 4 in. Extension, Get the job done in hard to reach areas
  • Easy to use - 3 oz. Cartridge loading
  • Chrome finish

The Workforce mini grease gun stands out as one of the best mini grease guns available today, as it is suitable even for the beginners. This grease gun looks small in nature but the fact that it gets the job done makes it worth investing in. The durability level of this grease gun is commendable and it has a resilient follower, quality rod and long-lasting springs.

This is a grease gun that is the favorite for mechanics and handymen, you will find it useful when you need to get to tight spots that can only be reached using a smaller tool.  You have a variety to choose from as you can get  a lever action gun or a suction gun. Also available in the market is a heavy duty one, with rigid extension gun or a pistol grip one, with flexible extension.

With $25 or less, you can buy this mini grease gun in the stores near you or contact the manufacturers to ship one for you. The Workforce Mini Grease Gun is suitable for you as its cartridge can be loaded with a capacity of up to 3 ounces. This mini grease gun can serve you for long and its grip is better than that of most mini grease guns.

YaeTek Grease Gun

YaeTek Pistol Grip 4500 PSI Grease Gun, Heavy Duty Aluminum Anodized Canister with 12" Flex Hose and 6'' Rigid Extension
  • Heavy duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun aluminum anodized canister.
  • Package Includes: 1pc 12" flex hose + 1pc 5-1/2" metal extension with coupler, there are 3 modes to pump the grease.
  • The rubber sleeve makes you an easier and firmer grip
  • this aluminum grease gun reduces weight comparing with the steel models, creates more leverge and the operation makes more comfort.
  • when you assemble this grease gun first time, please use a wrench hose thread screw in for instalation tool.

Are you looking for a grease gun that has a good grip even when the conditions are slippery? The YaeTek grease gun is the piece to buy. This extraordinary grease gun gives an all-day comfort irrespective of the conditions. Its heavy-duty nature makes it stand out as the best mini grease gun

With $ 20 or less, you can get this aluminum anodized canister from the stores near you. It is also possible to order one from the manufacturer and get it shipped to you. This grease gun is lighter than its traditional counterparts as it has an aluminum barrel

Are you looking for a mini grease gun that is easy to use and load cartridges? This is the mini grease gun to purchase and you are provided with a DIY user guide. It is also pretty easy to pump it using one hand; thus making it more comfortable to use.

This is the mini grease gun to buy if you are looking for a multipurpose piece. You can use it in your vehicle or truck and the same can still be used on your mower. Store this handy tool in your store, workshop or garage as you will need it one day.

DeWalt Grease Gun

DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Grease Gun (DCGG571M1)
  • DEWALT grease gun can power through clogged grease fittings with a motor that delivers up to 10,000 max PSI
  • High-volume pump of the battery grease gun pushes up to 5.0 oz/min high-flow applications.
  • DEWALT 20V grease gun kit can control grease flow with the variable speed trigger
  • Reach hard to access grease fittings with the 42-inch flexible hose
  • Locate hard to see grease fittings in dark work areas with the bright LED

Are you looking for the best mini grease gun that is technologically advanced? The DeWalt grease gun is one of its kinds fitted with lighting gadgets. You do not have to only reach to those tight ends as you can also get to view then better.

Cleaning gadgets can be a hard task but not anymore with the DeWalt grease gun. The manufacturers fitted this gun with an innovative pump filter that is dirt resistant. Dirt particles and other contaminants cannot attach themselves to this grease gun. Reach out to hard to access fittings without worrying about your gadgets becoming dirty or contaminated.

This grease gun is fitted with a powerful motor that can leases lubricant of up to 5 ounces. You are not limited to accessing tight corners or viewing points under dim conditions when you are armed with a DeWalt grease gun. With $ 30 or less, you can get yourself this unique grease gun.

Though the grease gun has been fitted with extra gadgets, the manufacturer has not compromised on its quality. Getting the mini grease gun from an authorized dealer is necessary if you want to acquire a long lasting gadget. A long lifespan, good quality, and a warranty are some of the things to look for in the best mini grease gun.

Lincoln Grease Gun

Lincoln 1134 Extra Heavy Duty Pistol Grip Grease Gun, 6 Inch Rigid Extension, Dual Lip Follower, Variable Stroke Mechanism, 18" Whip Hose with Coupler
  • Variable stroke mechanism allows for a high-pressure option for high-tolerance applications
  • Develops up to 7,500 psi
  • Premium dual-lip follower eliminates grease bypass for a cleaner work environment and no wasted grease
  • Includes combination filler nipple/air bleeder to bulk fill and easily release trapped air to keep grease gun primed
  • Includes both an 18 inch whip hose and 6 inch rigid extension for easy access to almost any grease fitting

Are you looking for the best mini grease gun with a variable speed trigger? Lincoln grease gun is the type to buy if you are looking for one with superior lubricant flow. Its pump is designed in an innovative manner that supports prevention of priming issues. This is the pump that operates under high pressure and its control is automated.

Buy the Lincoln grease gun and enjoy its ruggedness. Its cast pump is made of quality material that can be described as strong and durable. With $ 50 or less, you can walk into a store and get one, or order one from the manufacturer.

 The Lincoln grease gun plunger is known as strong with little possibilities of bending accidentally. The jam-proof toggle mechanism is used in the manufacturing process; thus making it strong. The lubricant is prevented from bypassing; thus increasing its life span.

This is one of the mini grease guns that makes its cleaning easier. You do not have to dismantle the mini grease gun for you to clean. The check valves are easily Accessible and can be cleaned without any inconvenience. Buy this heavy duty pistol grip grease gun that has a rigid pipe and with whip hose.

GreaseTek Grease Gun

GreaseTek Grease Gun-Pistol
  • Improved plunger design for easy priming and loading, 400cc delivers: 1 oz./ 40 strokes
  • Includes 18 in. hose with coupler and extension pipe with coupler
  • Pistol grip handle and knurled barrel increase grip
  • Includes bleeder valve and bulk filer valve
  • Dual-positioning grease loader for multiple positions

Are you looking for a durable, reliable and easy to handle mini grease gun? The GreaseTek grease gun is the type of mini grease gun to buy. This is the most common type of mini grease gun and is easy to find in the market. Any mechanic that has used this type of mini grease can testify of a fail-safe tool.

This is the type of a mini grease gun that has an additional extension piper to help you reach those challenging positions. Its plunger is designed uniquely to ease simple loading and priming. Get yourself this simple but brilliant mini grease gun.

With $20 or less, you can get yourself this mini grease gun. This is one of the best mini grease guns that support multiple positions. Enjoy also working with a mini grease gun that has an increased grip from its knurled barrel and Pistol grip handle.

The GreaseTek grease gun is the tool to have when you are challenged by complex positions of points to reach. You do not have to worry about the depth of these points as the additional extension will be of great help. This is the mini grease gun to have if you get to attend to a variety of needs with varying specifications.

What to Consider before Buying a Grease Gun

The best grease gun in the market is one that is efficient and can be used to accomplish various tasks. But, you might need some help deciding on what exactly makes a good grease gun. So, here’s what you’ll want to consider before purchasing a new grease gun.


Overall, these are just a few suggestions for grease guns. There’s a ton of other options online, so it’s worth having a browse if you’re not sold on the selection I’ve picked (though these are the best collection that I can find online!).

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