Best Glue Sticks for a Hot Glue Gun

A good glue gun is nothing without some decent glue sticks. Low quality glue sticks can be a nightmare and in many cases, they might not even pump the glue out properly (I’m talking from experience!). So, it’s important you get the right glue sticks for your glue gun.

But which glue sticks are the best choice? Well, it really depends on what exactly it is that you need. Here are some of the best options for glue sticks if you need to pick some up to go with your new glue gun.

Best Glue Sticks

Artellius Glue Sticks

Mini Hot Glue Gun Sticks (Huge Bulk Pack of 1000) 4" and 0.27 Diameter - Compatible with Most Glue Guns
  • AMAZING VALUE PACK OF 1000 - Huge Refill Pack and Half The Price of Other Competitors. Buy in Bulk and Save $$$
  • 4 INCHES AND 0.27 DIAMETER - Fits 99% Of Glue Guns. Completely Safe for Both High and Low Temperature Glue Guns
  • HIGH QUALITY LONG LASTING FORMULA - Easily Melts and Sticks to Most Surfaces with Great Flexibility. It's also Incredibly Durable and Long-lasting
  • PERFECT FOR 100s OF DIY PROJECTS & MATERIALS - Including Arts & Crafts, Basic Repairs, Homemade Jewelry, Fabrics, Foam, Yard, and So Much More!
  • 100% MANUFACTURER MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - If you're ever unsatisfied with the product the Manufacturer will refund your order. No Questions Asked! Artellius is a USA Company with US Based Customer Support!

The Artellius glue sticks are among the best glue sticks available in the market. This amazing glue stick gives you a beautiful finishing off your art irrespective of the material you are working on. The glue sticks come in different packs and you can choose the pack depending on your need. You will save more if you go for a larger pack.

The Artellius glue sticks do not limit you to the temperatures of your hot glue gun. Whether you are using low or high temperatures, the glue sticks are of good quality and are not easily damaged. Adjust your temperatures in regard to the material you are working on.

You can use this type of glue stick for basic repairs, arts, crafts, Homemade Jewelry, foam, yard, and/or fabrics. This is a multipurpose glue stick that will not go to waste even if you buy in bulk. The glue stick is best suited for home, school, office, or any other project you have.

Professionals, amateurs, as well as students, find it easy to work with this perfect for DIY projects type of glue stick. The manufacturer gives a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the outcome of your art.

Gorilla Glue Sticks

Gorilla Hot Glue Sticks, Full Size, 4" Long x .43" Diameter, 45 Count, Clear, (Pack of 1)
  • 5X more durable: For projects that last, 45 second extended working time
  • High temperature for strong bonding
  • Low temperature for delicate materials: Floral, fabric, foam, jewelry and more
  • All temperature: Safe for both high and low temperature glue guns. Store below 130° F. Store out of direct UV light
  • Versatile: Works on hard to bond surfaces like metal & glass. Sandable and paintable

The Gorilla glue sticks are considered among the best in the market as they can be used for various projects. You are not limited to the temperatures to use with this stick, but it will depend on the type of material you are working on. Use high temperatures when you need to make a strong bond, and low temperatures when working on a delicate material.

Does the best glue sticks mean one that is weather resistant? Gorilla glue stick is what to buy when working on dissimilar surfaces. The glue stick is suitable for you when in need of filling gaps. Your art or craft cannot be affected by seasonal temperature swings.

You get the best from this glue stick only if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. You are allowed to sand the joints by hand but not by use of electric sanders. Use of electric sanders melts the Gorilla glue sticks making you not to get its best.

Are you looking for an incredibly versatile and tough glue stick? This is one of the best glue sticks that provide a long term hold even on known hard to bond surfaces. Where other types of glues have failed, this is the kind of glue stick to try.

Uxcell Glue Sticks

uxcell a14071000ux0475 50 Pcs 7mm Diameter 270mm Crafting Models Plastic Hot Melt Glue Stick (Pack of 50)
  • Product Name : Hot Melt Glue Sticks;Material : Plastic
  • Melting Point : 150-160 Celsius;Softening Point : 85(+/-5) Celsius
  • Total Size : 270 x 7mm / 10.6" x 0.28"(L*D);Color : Black
  • Net Weight :535g
  • Package Content : 50(+/-2%) x Hot Melt Glue Sticks

The Uxcell glue stick is availed to the consumer in various sizes. You can buy a pack of few or many pieces depending on the size of your project. Buying a pack of many sticks saves on money and you are not at a loss as these glue sticks can be stored for a later date.

Are you looking for the best glue sticks that solidify in a short time? The Uxcell glue sticks are worth buying as they solidify within 8-10 seconds. You can get a well-outlined finishing of art, a there are little possibilities of the stick melting beyond your desired line.

 This is the kind of glue stick to buy when looking for a cold resistant glue stick. There are no possibilities of getting a dry joint when your craft is subjected to cold. The ivory white color of this glue stick makes it suitable when you need a translucent finishing.

The Uxcell glue stick is the adhesive to buy when the toxic levels of the craft are required to be as low as possible. Buy the glue stick when you need to make a craft for Christmas gift or for food packing.

Arrow Fastener Glue Sticks

Arrow Fastener AP10-4 10-Inch All Purpose Glue Sticks
  • Designed for all purpose gluing
  • Ideal with a variety of glue guns
  • Available in a 12 count
  • Use for woodworking, ceramics, leather, canvas, fabrics, cardboard, plastics, metal, etc.
  • Press the surfaces together within 15 seconds

The best glue sticks to buy are those that can be used with most of the hot glue guns available in the market. You cannot go wrong with the Arrow fastener glue sticks, which are versatile and can be availed in most parts of the world. Are you looking for a glue stick that is designed for all types of gluing? This is the type to look for.

To get the best out of the Arrow fastener glue stick, it is advisable to follow the DIY instructions provided in the package. It is recommendable to press the joined surfaces for at least 15 seconds to have the joint strong.

This is not the kind of glue stick to buy if you are to make a joint in haste. Give the craft time to rest for you to get the best joint ever. A 30-60 seconds resting period is recommended. Check also recommended hot glue gun to be used.

There are a number of materials you can use with this kind of glue stick. Are you working on a wooden, ceramic, or leather material? Arrow fastener glue stick is ideal with these materials. Plastics, fabrics, canvas, and/or metallic materials, can also be joined using this type of a glue stick.

Petift Glitter Glue Sticks

Petift Colored Glitter Hot Glue Sticks (60pcs)
  • Mini Size-Multi-Color: 7mm x 100mm, will fit 20-30w glue guns (mini glue gun).120pcs mini glitter glue sticks per package, 12 glitter colors in total, 10pcs for each color.
  • Material: made of resin, safe and non-toxic, with strong adhesion, works well of fast-drying and clear effect, non-edible items, watch your babies to avoid accidental ingestion
  • Applications: can be applied for paper, wood, plastic, fabric and other things, suitable for your DIY works and handcrafts, also can be a home supplies for emergencies
  • Perfect for arts crafts & hobbies, general repairs and gluing projects: used in metal, wood, glass, card, fabric, plastic,ceramics, carton sealing, crafts adhesive, electronic appliances and other adhesive.
  • Note:This hot melt glue sticks are used for small glue gun with high temperature, be careful to operate and DO NOT touch the hot melting fluid.

Are you looking for colored glue sticks to work on your material? The Petift glitter glue sticks come in a variety of colors. You can purchase these glue sticks from the stores near you or get them shipped to your location. They are suitable for DIY projects, Crafting Projects, home general Repair as well as holiday Ornaments.

The best glue sticks are those that have the best adhesion, Petift glitter glue sticks are the best when you need to work on wood, plastic, paper, glass, and other fabrics. Ceramics, electronic appliances, crafts adhesive, carton sealing, and other adhesive, are best joined with the Petift glitter glue sticks.

This is one kind of glue stick known to make stable and strong joints. When you want to make a tough craft, you cannot go wrong with the Petift glitter glue sticks. The glue sticks are made of thermoplastic materials, making them non-toxic.

With $ 10 or less, you can buy yourself 60 pieces of 12 assorted colors of these glue sticks. Buying a bigger pack is cheaper than buying smaller packs. The glue sticks are durable and when stored well, they can be used at a later date. Buy Petift Glitter Glue Sticks and make yourself a Christmas decoration, jewelry craft or holiday craft; you can also gift a friend.

What to think about when Buying Glue Sticks

Did you know that there is a lot you can do with the best glue sticks available in the market? You can have the best hot glue gun but still, get a substandard art or craft piece if you compromise on the quality of the glue stick. Here are some of the best glue sticks you can buy to work on any material of choice.


Depending on what glue gun you’re using, usually one size is going to be the best option. It should give you a diameter and length on your glue gun, the majority of glue guns have a diameter of around 1/4 of an inch and a length of around 4 inches. This is the most used sized with glue guns, but be sure to check first to ensure you’re getting the right sticks for your gun.


Glue sticks are generally extremely cheap, mainly because glue itself is extremely simple to produce. So, make sure that you don’t overpay with glue sticks, and if you think you’re going to be using glue sticks a lot, then stick with a bundle pack of hundreds or even thousands online for a cheap price.


With other types of glue like super glue, I prefer to opt for more expensive brands, as I’ll find they’re higher in quality. However, this isn’t really the case with glue


All in all, if you’re purchasing a hot glue gun like I’ve written about here, then you’ll undoubtedly need some good quality glue sticks to use with it.

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